WELCOME to the website of the newly-revived Scotland Branch of NATECLA (The National Association of Teaching ESOL and Community Languages to Adults).

We have not had a NATECLA branch in Scotland for a few years and hope to use this one to network and share English Language stories, successes, projects and practice across Scotland.

Ultimately we would like to create a branch that brings English Language practitioners together and we are hoping in the future to start providing workshops, webinars and an annual conference.

As we are ‘newly-revived’ we are looking for people interested in sitting on our Committee to forge and solidify our ideas and plans for the future – so if you think that you have some spare time and are interested in getting involved, please post your details in the CONTACT section. We would love to hear from you, no matter if you can contribute in a big or a small way, every contribution is very much valued.

We are also looking for your stories and pictures to share – what are you up to in class, who has passed exams, what projects have you started…and finished successfully – we would love to hear all your news and share it across Scotland. Please get in touch and we can send an email address to share information.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

NATECLA Scotland logo (2)



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