Membership category and price changes from March 2017

Following many years without a change in membership fees, from the beginning of the new membership year in March 2017, all categories will now include our flagship journal Language Issues (PDF format). Most organisations like ours include their journal in the membership fee and we have decided to offer our members the same benefit.Language Issues is published twice a year and is a highly-respected journal and an invaluable resource for all those interested in ESOL and language-learning issues. It explores the area between academic research and classroom practice, discussing teaching, training, management and research into ESOL and community languages.  More information about Language Issues can be found here.

After decades of providing ESOL professionals with the latest news and updates on resources and projects, we believe that NATECLA News is sadly past its prime. At the same time, Mike Harrison, who has done an excellent job as editor for over five years, has decided to step down after the summer edition. In addition, our monthly update email now performs a very similar function and provides members with up-to-date, relevant and useful information.  However, we will continue to publish a special summer conference edition of NATECLA News which will include conference and workshop information. In addition, Language Issues will change slightly to include an enhanced section on classroom practice and reports on projects, content which previously appeared in NATECLA News, thus providing a wider appeal.

The membership fee structure has been simplified and the new prices from March 2017 are given below. The good news is that members who have been paying extra forLanguage Issues will find that they are now paying less!  Other members will find that there is a small increase in their membership fee as they will now be receiving Language Issues twice a year by email (as a PDF).  If you have automatic Paypal renewal, you can either alter the amount yourself or you can ask us to modify the amount on your behalf.

 Criteria Annual fee, including Language Issues
 A Paid teacher or manager
over 18.5 hours per week
 B Paid teacher or manager
4.5 to 18.5 hours per week
 C Retired teacher, volunteer, student, or teacher
4 hours per week or under
 D Associate individual 
not working in the field
 E Affiliated Institution
Typically a further education college, adult or community education centre or private language school
 F Student member – FREE for one year
Somebody training to teach English as a second language – you could be studying towards a CELTA, PGCE or a Masters in TESOL / ELT
  Free for 12 months

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