Things we love….

Here is a collection of resources, books, websites etc that we love to use:

Activities Heading

Back to the Board

Good For: recycling lexis and energising a flagging group

It’s a game of 2 teams.  One person on each team sits in front of their group, with their back to the board.  Teacher or nominated student writes a word/phrase on the board and the team have to use words only to convey meaning.  The person sitting out front has to guess.  First guess gets the point.  They get quite competitive and you can offer incentives with small prizes like sweets 🙂

Jigsaw or Running Dictations

Good For: jazzing up a reading text and make it more interactive

Books Heading

Instant lessons 3 (Advanced) 9780582451452-uk

by Penguin

Good For: An oldie but a goodie! Higher ESOL students love the photocopiable vocabulary units packed with useful idioms.


Websites Heading

Tiny TEFL Teacher TEFL Teacher

Good For:  a great resource for students and there’s a really good section designed for Cambridge FCE


Film English  Film engliush

Good For: A fantastic range of short films on a variety of topics. Although full lesson plans are available on the site, the films can be used as warmers and fillers as well. Students find them truly thought-provoking.


Good For: An unbeatable resource to help students with post-grammar fatigue; a great range of quizzes that students can play as a group or as individuals on their mobile.

Want to contribute to this list? Share something that you find invaluable in class?

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